European Tensor Network

Tensor networks provide a new paradigm for describing quantum many body systems. Since the early years of quantum mechanics, the quantum many body problem has been one of the main driving forces in theoretical physics. In recent years, a lot of progress has been made in unraveling the entanglement structure of correlated systems, which resulted in the study of quantum tensor networks which model the entanglement degrees by local tensors. This had led to the development of new numerical methods for simulating complex quantum systems and of new analytic tools for classifying entangled and topological phases of matter.

Europe has been at the center of this development, and many groups have since the last decade been building up expertise in the various aspects of tensor networks, including the development of novel numerical and analytical approaches and in applying tensor networks to model experiments in atomic physics and condensed matter. Giving the rapid growth of the field, there is a strong incentive to build up a European network in which students and researchers can meet and exchange knowledge. To this end, a yearly school will be held for the new students in which the main facets of quantum tensor networks will be discussed and where they can build up contacts and a research network. This school will be held in alternating research institutes


Contact: Frank Pollmann, Technical University of Munich, 85748 Garching, admin(at)quantumtensor(dot)eu.